Olievenhoutbosch Township was established in 1998 and currently has
a population estimated at four hundred It is the township to Centurion
and has mixed housing ranging from informal shacks, RDP houses to backyard
dwellers and small formal housing catering for middle income earners.

Olievenhoutbosch is often in the news for the wrong reasons
Some of the main challenges that the community faces include:

  • Poverty resulting in high levels of crime
  • Child abuse
  • Gender based violance
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of skills centres
  • Poor infrastructure
  • One clinic servicing a growing community
  • Only one temporaraly police station with limited services
  • Large number of ECD centres that are not run prefessionaly
  • High number of foreign nationals without legal documentation



Dimphonyana seeks to address some of the social challenges faced by the
community of Olievenhoutbosch. Not only does the centre seek to directly
help children affected by abuse and poverty but it also seeks to improve
the developmental opportunities of all children in the community. Dimphonyana
seeks to set an example to the community by taking responsibility for all
children of the community.Through the income generating initiatives within
the centre, Dimphonyana seeks to empower the older children and women in the
centre, while imparting knowledge and skills that can be used by them. We
encourage other organizations within communities to partner and collaborate
and take responsibility for the issues affecting their community.

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